Screen Actors Guild Hosts Workshop at Festival

Business of Acting in the Digital Age
SAG President’s National Task Force for American Indians presents: The Business of Acting in the Digital Age. This workshop will provide information about how technologies are influencing acting in the traditional areas like Hollywood and New York as well as how to take advantage of the technological advances in areas outside of these traditional production centers. There will also be an on-camera aspect, and a general “How to find and hire SAG talent” and “How to become a SAG member.”

The second half of the workshop includes a discussion with local filmmaker Andrew Kightlinger and his experience with working with SAG talent on his latest film, Dust of War.

Don’t wait! Get your Festival passes online today. Seating is limited. Tickets.

The SAG  Workshop is open to all Full-Festival and VIP pass holders. Available seating will be offered to the public, at the door, for a SD Film Festival donation of $10/$5 student.

Adults and children 12 years and older are invited to attend.

Saturday, Sept. 17, 2011, Time: 9 a.m.-11 a.m., Capitol Theatre stage. (SUBJECT TO CHANGE)

Workshop Facilitators

Brían Wescott – was born and raised in Alaska and is enrolled in the Athabascan and Yup’ik nations.  He just returned from Scotland, where he did Karyn Traut’s stageplay “The Realm of Love or Folding Laundry” at the Edinburgh Fringe. Other stage roles include Hoksila the grandson in “Black Elk Speaks” for the Columbia Actors Repertory Theatre and Mariano in “We Are Still Here” for the California Center for the Arts.  In October he will star in “The Winter Bear” opposite Irene Bedard for the Alaska Federation of Natives in Anchorage.  He also appears in the first comedy feature film set in American Indian country, “Christmas in the Clouds”, starring Wes Studi and Graham Greene.  Now based in L.A. he serves as co-vice-chair of the Screen Actors Guild President’s National Task Force for American Indians.  Despite living in the city, to this day he remains grateful for paved roads and running water.



Irene Bedard – Born and raised in Alaska, Irene Bedard is the daughter of an Inupiaq mother and a French Canadian/Cree father. Her first role was the lead in Disney ‘s film Squanto: A  Warrior’s Tale.  Her next role in Lakota Woman: Siege at Wounded Knee garnered her a Golden Globe nomination.  Her portrayals of native American women in the Robert Redford-produced Grand Ave, TNT’s Crazy Horse, Naturally Native, Disney’s animated Pocahontas for which she provided her voice and likeness, Smoke Signals directed by Chris Eyre, and Steven Spielberg’s Into the West and more have won her 15 best actress and best supporting actress awards. She has participated in various musical albums, such as an Alaskan native storytelling album set to music with an accompanying book. She continues her charitable work with her non-profit organization Dream Inspiration for Native Youth. As a producer with Bundle of Arrows, her upcoming projects will utilize full native American casts and crews.

Screen Actors Guild Leadership

Adam Moore – Interim National Director of Affirmative Action & Diversity for Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and leads the department from the New York office. Joining the Guild in 2005 as Associate National Director, he has been responsible for developing and implementing a national diversity plan of action to achieve accurate representation of those groups historically excluded from the entertainment media. Such efforts include the creation ofeducational programs, conferences, and workshops; development of public relations strategies; and the enforcement of diversity initiatives as outlined in Guild collective bargaining agreements. Mr. Moore will be coming to Aberdeen, SD along with others from the Screen Actors Guild to host an acting workshop.

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