Justin and Kristin Schaack

JandK_SchaackJustin and Kristin Schaack have been making films and commercials together since middle school. They both went to film school in Southern California, and stayed in Los Angeles to work in television. In 2006, they moved back to their home state of Minnesota and quickly acquired corporate positions in the media departments of Target and Best Buy. In the last five years, they’ve produced over 10 short films and endless online videos and
commercials through their production company, Above-the-Line Entertainment.

In 2010, they took home Best Film at The Project Twenty 1 Film Festival with their short film Student Driver, and most recently, they won Best Film at the Minneapolis 48-Hour Film Project with Coming Out. On top of receiving numerous judges’ awards over the years, Justin and Kristin love the experience of watching their films with a live audience. With seven of their films winning Audience Choice awards, they couldn’t be more thrilled with how thier films have been received.

Many people have told them they could never imagine working side-by-side with their spouse, but for Justin and Kristin they could never imagine not working side-by-side. From concept to edit, the two collaborate with their amazing casts and crews to produce fun, entertaining, (mostly) family friendly films. Their film, Coming Out, will be shown during Film Session 5, which begins on Saturday, September 29 at 6:30 p.m.