Eric Dwight

Eric_DwightEric Dwight comes to the South Dakota Film Festival with a film he wrote, directed, and acted in, Bus 1107.  Eric started out writing as a teenager writing scripts, short stories, and even publishing two poems.  While in high school he got involved in improvisational comedy. (Something he still performs today in Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota.)  Working in improv lead Eric to work as an on-air radio personality in Norfolk, Nebraska, Wayne, Nebraska, and Yankton, South Dakota.  In 2002, he and his wife, Angela, moved to Omaha, Nebraska where Eric worked as a professional actor in local commercials, murder mystery Improv Theater, and independent film. His biggest acting job came in the Academy Award winning film Up in the Air. Also in 2002, Eric moved into producing with currently eight short films and two feature films to date. In May of 2010, Eric signed with a Los Angeles based literary agent, Brava Entertainment, as a screenwriter.  Next up, he his producing the feature script he wrote titled, Punished Woman’s Lake.  The film is inspired by the legend of the lake just outside of South Shore, South Dakota. His film, Bus 1107, will be shown during Film Session 5, which begins on Saturday, September 29 at 6:30 p.m.