2016 Film Guide

A Man Wakes Up

Runtime: 14 min

Directed by: Voki Kalfayan

Location: Las Vegas, NV

A wordless short comedy about a man immersed in a life of habit and routine who, though lonely to the outside eye, seems content to live his stark existence. One morning he awakes to discover an unexplained change in his routine, his home, his life!

A Perfect Record

Runtime: 7 min

Directed by: Greg Carlson

Location: Fargo, ND

Fargo Record Fair founder Dean Sime describes the importance of music and the joy of dropping a needle into a groove.    “A Perfect Record” received awards for Best Cinematography and Best Use of Theme following its premiere at the Fusion/International Documentary Challenge showcase at the 2016 Slamdance Film Festival.


Runtime: 16 min

Directed by: Bridey Elliott

Location: Los Angeles, CA

This dreamy and understated character study follows Bridey, a young woman bored with her long-term relationship and looking for a change. She finds it in the form of a handsome vagabond and the two lost souls spend a day together at the beach where Bridey’s desperation comes to a head.

Alien Showdown in Rock-N-Roll City

Runtime: 6 min

Directed by: Dan Cleberg

Location: Aberdeen, SD

A suave and charismatic candidate threatens the re-election of the beloved Mayor of Rock n Roll City when suddenly a prudish villain from outer space invades with an evil mission to eradicate all Rock n Roll music.

As Life Shifts

Runtime: 18 min

Directed by: Daniel Gras Pujalt

Location: New York, NY

As Life Shifts ( ALS -Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) is an emotional tale of suffering, love, and hope. Miranda is a single mother of two, struck by a destructive disease that is slowly but surely taking her life. Her two sons are faced with the shocking reality of their mother’s terminal illness.


Runtime: 4 min

Directed by: Jim Pattiz & Will Pattiz

Location: Badlands National Park, SD

Journey with More Than Just Parks to discover the land where bison still roam and towers rise from the prairie in dazzling formations. This is the Badlands. Filmed primarily in 8K


Runtime: 16 min

Directed by: Evan Ari Kelman

Location: NY

A coming-of-age drama about Jamie, a young boy who stows himself away to join his older brother on a highway truck heist.


Runtime: 13 min

Directed by: Chris King

Location: Roseville, CA

When a young military wife gets news that her Marine husband has been severely wounded in combat, she discovers that their life ahead is going to be an overwhelming – and yet amazing – journey.  (*Oscar Qualified)

Brave Dreamer

Runtime: 7 min

Directed by: Haixiang Ma

Location: Jinan, China

Brave Dreamer is submitted by Confucius Institute at Northern State University and  Shangdong University of Art and Design. It is a story of a brave tiny fly who loves dumplings. Who doesn’t?

Colt 13

Runtime: 13 min

Directed by: Luke McKay

Location: Australia

A former sports phenomenon looks to settle a score with the man he believes is responsible for destroying his life – his brother.

Consuming Beauty

Runtime: 24 min

Directed by: Alex Knudsen

Location: Los Angeles, CA

A young woman wakes in a shadowy, decayed manor and tries to piece together the mystery behind the absent proprietor and her father’s tumultuous past.


Runtime: 3 min

Directed by: Brianna Overstreet

Location: Savage, MN

The inner mind of an elderly woman and how she sees her life and loss of control.

Dependent’s Day

Runtime: 89 min

Directed by: Michael David Lynch

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Claimed as a ‘dependent’ by his successful bread winning girlfriend Alice, Cam struggles to prove himself as he stumbles through different jobs and  life’s obstacles in the hopes to live out his Hollywood dream and finally rise to the occasion. “Dependent’s Day” is a hilarious, heartfelt, authentic relationship comedy about the adventures of being in […]


Runtime: 10 min

Directed by: Whitney Stephenson

Location: Savannah, GA

Tom is a Dream Watchman who is content with a routine life of watching and observing. When young, optimistic Julie escapes her dream, Tom’s routine structure comes crashing down. Unknowingly, Julie’s child-like thinking gives Tom a new perspective.  

Duffy’s Jacket


Directed by: Brian Hoesing


A forgetful boy and his 2 cousins must survive the night once discovered by an ancient woodland monster.(Based on the short story by Bruce Coville and starring Doug Jones)