2017 Film Guide


Runtime: 29 min

Directed by: Brenna Mallory

Location: Lompoc, CA

Rocket tells a bittersweet fairy tale set in the world of 1950’s dirt track racing. With a legacy traditionally passed down from father to son, Annie Pankratz strives to build a destiny all her own.


Runtime: 7 min

Directed by: Wildboar (Benjamin Brand, Johannes Engelhardt, Markus Eschrich, Johannes Lumer, Julius Rosen)

Location: Nuremberg, Germany

Rouff is sad: He only has three legs and is alone. Then he folds Pete from the paper he is drawn on. This is not only the beginning of a wonderful freindship, but also the meeting of to kinds of animated film – 2D and 3D. 


Runtime: 1 min

Directed by: Katie Urmann

Location: Moorhead, MN

Finding a safe space in pixilation animation style. Shot on Samsung Galaxy S5.

So It Goes

Runtime: 13 min

Directed by: Justin Carlton

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Amidst many distractions, Samantha struggles to find her voice recording a new song. She encounters a mysterious stranger who reminds her of why she loves to create music.


Runtime: 16 min

Directed by: Laura Seay

Location: Los Angeles, CA

The story of a girl haunted by old traumas that threaten her ability to connect with even the most sincere suitor.

Splitting The D

Runtime: 6 min

Directed by: Elias Noel

Location: New York, NY

In the middle of a routine job, two mob hit men find themselves having an all too close encounter with the other end of the Fourth Wall.


Runtime: 9 min

Directed by: S.G. Warkel

Location: Moorhead, MN

Stanley, a young man, finds himself living in the surreal world of the telemarketer.

Taking Flight

Runtime: 5 min

Directed by: Brandon Oldenburg

Location: Shreveport, LA

Taking Flig​ht is a short film inspired by the life and heritage of Antonio Pasin, inventor of the Radio Flyer wagon. In this fictional tribute to Pasin’s legacy, what begins as a small boy’s over-scheduled, over supervised, boring day with Grandpa turns into a larger-than-life journey, narrowly escaping wild monkeys and battling aliens to save […]

The Last One


Directed by: Andrea Banjanin


The Last One is an original, intriguing and ambitious science fiction short film, looking into Matthew’s world and learning of his coping mechanism he’s developed to deal with his immediate and inexplicable solitude after every other living thing on the planet disappeared.

The Motivator

Runtime: 8 min

Directed by: Ryan Becken

Location: St. Paul, MN

The year is 2032.  Mankind has been wiped out and machines rules the earth.  But after many years with no humans, the machines are bored.

The Pretentious French Film

Runtime: 3 min

Directed by: Finn J Harrison

Location: Moorhead, MN

The accidental subversion of a genre, this student film presents a “serious” and “introspective” look at adolescence in an homage to french new wave cinema.​  

The Privates

Runtime: 13 min

Directed by: Dylan Allen

Location: Brooklyn, NY

On the eve of their first show, a rock band struggles with a radioactive energy in their music that blows up amps, liquefies tape decks, and starts electrical fires.

The Ragman

Runtime: 16 min

Directed by: Cy Dodson

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Michael “The Ragman” Bork – the storyteller, the vagabond, but most importantly the songwriter willing to unearth an entire lyrical catalog of his documented past.  A collaboration of professional musicians transpires for one goal: To bring to life the spirit known as The Ragman.

The Snow Girl

Runtime: 5 min

Directed by: Mixtape Club

Location: New York, NY

Newly arrived from Japan, Yuki confronts a group of bullies and discovers a secret about her father’s past – and herself.

The Sub

Runtime: 17 min

Directed by: Dan Samiljan

Location: Los Angeles, CA

A reluctant substitute teacher uncovers the evil underbelly of a seemingly perfect school. Will she survive high school a second time?

The Suitor

Runtime: 12 min

Directed by: Alvaro Congosto

Location: Boston, MA

October 30th, 1938. During Orson Welles’ infamous radio broadcast of War of the Worlds, a lonely man tries to bond with a panicked young woman as they fearfully wait for the end of the world together.

The Throwaways

Runtime: 9 min

Directed by: Carlos De'Leon

Location: Sioux Falls, SD

When you’re in the killing business, you never know who’s the enemy…even when it’s your sister.