2017 Film Guide


Runtime: 10 min

Directed by: David Larson, Darren Durlach

Location: Baltimore, MD

Throw tells the story of an outsider from East Baltimore, an area challenged by gang violence and poverty. Often misunderstood, Coffin Nachtmahr found acceptance among a subculture of “throwers” and it turns out, he’s a virtuoso. He now helps others find a creative and social outlet by sharing the very toy that inspired him.

Tourvall II : Into the Darkness

Runtime: 8 min

Directed by: Sean A. Skinner

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Former Pro Wrestler Tourvall “The Terrible” Johannsen has come back from just about every obstacle the wrestling world has thrown his way. He’s taken chairs shots to the head, he’s been hit with beer kegs and he’s had to do the unthinkable in order to win inside the “squared circle”. But as he lay at deaths door, can […]

Uncle Albert

Runtime: 14

Directed by: Samuel Sprynczynatyk

Location: Bismark, ND

At 90 years old, Albert Landsberger looks back on fond memories and a life made rich by his love of music.

Until Now

Runtime: 8 min

Directed by: Dana Altman

Location: Omaha, NE

Never has a found letter, a first time read, great timing and a simple dance been combined into one work revealing a true story, of loss, love and kindness… Until Now.

You Beautiful Crazy Blind Cripple

Runtime: 33 min

Directed by: Marek Ryszard Dojs

Location: New Salem, ND

Walter, a first-time criminal on the run, stumbles across the isolated farmhouse of Maya, an eccentric blind widow. He plans to escape by stealing her pick-up truck, but she has other ideas… and an unlikely romance ensues.