Donnie Vincent’s The River’s Divide

Film Information

Location: Hudson, WI

Runtime: 46 minutes

Showtime: Thursday September 26, Film session 1, 7PM -10:30PM

Credits and Cast

Director: Kyle Nickolite

Producer: Sicmanta

Writer: Donnie Vincent

Editor: Kyle Nickolite

Cinematographer: William Altman

Composer: Onward

Cast: Donnie Vincent


The River’s Divide follows Donnie Vincent on his two year bowhunting quest for a single whitetail buck notoriously nicknamed ‘Steve’. Set against the beautiful backdrop of the North Dakota Badlands, an amazing story unfolds as Donnie experiences the highs and lows of chasing a single animal in the middle of the vast wilderness. Experience each step of the way as Donnie’s raw emotion and insight pull you into this once in a lifetime story.

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