Kashmir, Rock Hard : Roll Easy

Film Information

Location: Aberdeen, SD

Runtime: 10

Credits and Cast

Director: Micah Small, Curt Gienger

Producer: Curt Gienger

Writer: Micah Small, Curt Gienger

Cast: Aaron Deutsch


Life as a rock and roller is chaotic. It is the equivalent of the worst case of attention deficit disorder that has ever been documented. No two days are ever the same. No two personalities can coincide without conflict. Most bands fail to survive the test of time. Stress from the road life, from home life, and from the use of drugs and alcohol to cope with loneliness all add up to something that cannot be controlled. It is not understood.

What is understood is that rock and roll life is crazy. It is fun. It is surreal. Nothing about it ever seems real, or true. Everything about it comes and goes in a flash. Very few bands can span the test of time. Kashmir is one of those bands.

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