Miracle Cures and the History of Addiction Treatment

Film Information

Location: Sioux Falls, SD

Runtime: 5 minutes

Showtime: Saturday September 28, Film session unknown

Credits and Cast

Director: Bryce Jarrett

Producer: Jeremiah Gardner, Bryce Jarrett

Writer: Jeremiah Gardner, Bryce Jarrett, Benjamin Swan

Editor: Bryce Jarrett

Cinematographer: Bryce Jarrett, Benjamin Swan, Jeff Zueger, Ryan Stober, Mark Helenowski

Cast: Henry Rollins, Claudia Christian, Johnny Cash, Dick Van Dyke, Brooke Shields, Betty Ford, Lawrence Welk, Austin Harris, and Jyl Woolfolk


Miracle Cures explores how treatment methods have evolved from colonial times to today, making particular note of practices that did more harm than good. It advances the view that modern methods are more humane and effective than those of the past.  At the same time, the film leaves open the question of whether the predominant philosophy of Alcoholics Anonymous and treatment centers like Hazelden is the answer or simply the best we have – the latest in America’s quest to resolve its addiction epidemic.  The film draws heavily from the history captured in William White’s book, Slaying the Dragon.  It explores how treatment methods have progressed from baseless, home remedy cure-alls; extreme, injurious medical practices; and inebriate asylums to methods of modern treatment centers and AA support groups. The film also debunks numerous myths and stereotypes.  The film was produced by Fiveman Films and Animation and post-production is currently underway, with a January 2014 release anticipated.

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