2016 Film Guide


Runtime: 5 min

Directed by: Finneas Scott

Location: Chicago, IL

A woman struggles dealing with her rage after a drunken sexual assault of a close friend was captured on video.


West Virginia Stories

Runtime: 88 min

Directed by: Preston Peterson & Jason Boesch

Location: Davis, WV

Three stories, examining what it means to live, rather than exist, set in the rural landscape of West Virginia:  Two hunters must make a life altering decision when they witness a crime out in the isolate woods; A young D.C. lobbyist returns to his hometown for what may be a final confrontation with his father; and the […]



Runtime: 21 min

Directed by: Jake Reeder

Location: Mayville, ND

In this MSUM senior thesis, four high school seniors decide to ditch their prom and spend their night at the town’s lookout spot. There, they discover a mysterious spacecraft. The next day, one of their very own has disappeared and the remaining kids begin to realize whatever arrived in that spacecraft is possibly still lurking […]


Who Stole the Ruby Slippers

Runtime: 12 min

Directed by: Theodore James

Location: Los Angeles, CA

On August 28, 2005 somebody stole one of the most iconic pieces of movie memorabilia, The Ruby Slippers from the 1939 classic “The Wizard of Oz”. Over ten years later, the case is no closer to being solved. This documentary features in depth interviews with some of the key suspects and the private investigator who’s determined […]