Tourvall II : Into the Darkness

Film Information

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Runtime: 8 min

Credits and Cast

Director: Sean A. Skinner

Producer: Red 23 Films

Writer: Joe Berglove, Sean A. Skinner & Edward Linder

Cinematographer: Nick Kessler & Ryan Grams

Composer: Aaron Jorgensen

Cast: Joe Berglove, Pete Huge, Tony Peterson, Chris Jordan & "Slick" Mick Karch as Sven Skarnestad


Former Pro Wrestler Tourvall “The Terrible” Johannsen has come back from just about every obstacle the wrestling world has thrown his way. He’s taken chairs shots to the head, he’s been hit with beer kegs and he’s had to do the unthinkable in order to win inside the “squared circle”. But as he lay at deaths door, can he kick out of the eternal 3 count…one last time?

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