Water Lily

Film Information

Location: Moorhead, MN

Runtime: 8

Credits and Cast

Director: Sierra Obioha

Producer: Jensina Bailly

Writer: Sierra Obioha

Editor: Summer Storm

Cinematographer: Laura Alexander

Cast: Elsa Bailly, Kali Jo Kilmek, James M. Cavo, Chloe Smith


To the oblivious eye, Lily has lived a seemingly happy and healthy life with her mother and father. Unfortunately, this idealized version of her family was never the one she experienced. Her father, Samuel, is an abusive drunk who takes out his problems and insecurities on Lily’s mother, Alice. The abuse grows more frequent and aggressive over time, taking a toll on Alice. Her depression increases until she reaches her breaking point after a fight with Samuel. Lily deccides to take her future freedom and happiness into her own hands.

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