West Virginia Stories

Film Information

Location: Davis, WV

Runtime: 88 min

Credits and Cast

Director: Preston Peterson & Jason Boesch

Producer: Colleen Kelly, Richard H. Moon, Isabel Junie Hildebrandt

Writer: Preston Peterson & Jason Boesch

Cinematographer: Akis Konstantakopolous

Composer: Chris Thomas

Cast: Ryan Stone, John T. Woods, Zachary Ray Sherman, Meagan English, William Thomas, Peter, Van Norden


Three stories, examining what it means to live, rather than exist, set in the rural landscape of West Virginia:  Two hunters must make a life altering decision when they witness a crime out in the isolate woods; A young D.C. lobbyist returns to his hometown for what may be a final confrontation with his father; and the Mayor of a small mining town goes about his usual duties and discovers elements of potential corruption.

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