While on probation, a black man begins to re-evaluate his relationship with his volatile best friend. As timely as it is impactful, BLINDSPOTTING blends buddy comedy with seething social commentary and rises on the strength of Daveed Diggs’ (HAMILTON) powerful performance.

West Virginia Stories

Three stories, examining what it means to live, rather than exist, set in the rural landscape of West Virginia:  Two hunters must make a life altering decision when they witness a crime out in the isolate woods; A young D.C. lobbyist returns to his hometown for what may be a final confrontation with his father; and the […]

The Wedding Invitation

Three best friends are on a quest to get dates for the wedding of a lifetime. They have one week to track down their men and turn them into plus-ones. Their mission, splattered with drunken-dry-heaving, walk-of-shame moments will require them to break all of the dating rules to find love.  

Dependent’s Day

Claimed as a ‘dependent’ by his successful bread winning girlfriend Alice, Cam struggles to prove himself as he stumbles through different jobs and  life’s obstacles in the hopes to live out his Hollywood dream and finally rise to the occasion. “Dependent’s Day” is a hilarious, heartfelt, authentic relationship comedy about the adventures of being in […]

Of Minor Prophets

In the rural Midwest, a lonely, bachelor farmer befriends a sex worker whose intentions aren’t what they appear. Desire, deceit and doubt combine to create an explosive mix that forces both sides to discover just how far they’re willing to go to get what they want.


14-year-old Mackenzie, a troubled but daring teenage girl, is sent by her struggling mother to live with her uncle in Juneau, Alaska. She runs away and an unlikely friendship forms in the spectacular Alaska wilderness, giving a runaway girl hope and sanctuary in America’s last frontier.  

Songs My Brothers Taught Me

SONGS MY BROTHERS TAUGHT ME is a compelling and complex portrait of modern day life on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation that explores the bond between a brother (John Reddy) and his younger sister (Jashaun St. John), who find themselves on separate paths to rediscovering the meaning of home. Chloé Zhao sensitively infiltrates isolated Indian […]

Fort Tilden

SXSW 2014 Grand Jury Award winning film.  Allie and Harper are two inept best friends, whose journey to the beach is much harder than it should be.  

Short Term 12

A 20-something supervising staff member of a foster care facility navigates the troubled waters of that world alongside her co-worker and longtime boyfriend. Short Term 12 won the Jury Award and the Audience Award at SXSW this year. This film will be shown during the kickoff event beginning Friday, September 27, at 7 pm.

Dust of War

In a post-apocalyptic American Frontier, a soldier fends off a brutal warmonger to rescue a girl fated as the savior of humanity. It’s ‘Star Wars’ on the prairie!


Loosely based fictional portrayal of events relating to the Wounded Knee incident in 1973. Followers of the American Indian Movement seized the South Dakota town of Wounded Knee in protest against federal government policy regarding Native Americans. Incorporated in the plot is the character of Ray Levoi, played by actor Val Kilmer, as an FBI […]


Best Comedy Feature A tale of competition at its most cutthroat, Butter surveys the raw ambition of Laura Pickler (Jennifer Garner), the wife of Bob Pickler (Ty Burrell), Iowa’s long-reigning champion butter carver. For 15 years, Laura has relished her high-profile role as the beautiful, loyal helpmate to her affable, artistically gifted husband. But when Bob […]