Rest Area

Based on a short story by Stephen King. Jane Dykstra, a mystery novelist on a 4-hour drive home, stops at rest area to take a break. She hears a woman being abused in the bathroom and needs to decide who she really is and what she’s willing to do. Who are you really . . […]

Crime Scene Inspectors

A brilliant detective leads his incompetent team through an investigation of a grisly murder as they struggle to figure out if they are the cat or mouse, but the bigger question is, “Where’d the dead guy get his mattress protector?!?”

The Magic of Reading

A young boy escapes his boredom by unlocking the magic of reading with the help of his big sister. Together they venture into a world that only literature can unlock for them and are shown a glimpse of the world that rests bound in the pages of wonderful books. They escape from the clutches of […]

Night Call

A newly promoted police officer, living in and patrolling Inglewood, is forced to make a life-altering decision when she encounters a familiar face on a routine patrol.

Water Lily

To the oblivious eye, Lily has lived a seemingly happy and healthy life with her mother and father. Unfortunately, this idealized version of her family was never the one she experienced. Her father, Samuel, is an abusive drunk who takes out his problems and insecurities on Lily’s mother, Alice. The abuse grows more frequent and […]