Buffalo Shampoo

Jury Award – Comedy Late 80s Early 90s Style The All Valley Open Mic Talent Contest; where the untalented go to live and the talented go to die. Handcrank Kelly Lee, a washed up rocker from the late 80′s/early 90′s, just wants to win this contest so he can finally seal the deal with his lovely […]

As Seen on TV

A talented, but guarded, commercial director watches as all his nightmares come true on a low budget infomercial set. His ability to overcome or fail will determine his future in the more lucrative commercial world.

The Action Hero’s Guide to Saving Lives

When lives are on the line… When there’s danger at every turn… When cliches run amuck… Sometimes the best thing to do is call Mulligan! Ace Mulligan! No matter how villainous the madman… How numerous the henchmen… How sexy the damsel, one thing is for sure: Ace Mulligan will always come out on top. Sometimes. […]