Finale of Seem

Inspired by the poem “The Emperor of Ice Cream” by Wallace Stevens, this experimental short film aims to express the feeling of fatigue that some face while trying to uphold a superficial, cheerful disposition in public, all the while ignoring their own emotional needs.

Willow Creek Road

Big Sky Grant recipient ‘Willow Creek Road’ explores the internal world of a lonely Montana ranch hand, Ruth. When Ruth is unexpectedly drawn into the lives of two children, she slowly assumes the role of a Mother, awakening a sense of play, femininity, protection, and connection. Ruth must face reality, and ultimately herself, when the […]

Unexpected Company

Dysfunctional sisters Angela and Ellen are forced to endure a dreary reclusive existence due to the dark secret they share. An unexpected visit from Ellen’s handsome co-worker may prove to be their salvation or their undoing. Delicious and haunting, this fractured fairytale serves up dark comedy with a real bite.


Hutterite is a rare peek behind the curtain of an Anabaptist commune in the 1960’s & 1970’s. This painful and challenging story is told through the eyes of Marigold, a tenacious young Hutterite woman with the impossible dream of getting an education. The film explores Marigold’s oppression and heartache of being trapped in a patriarchal […]

The Smell of Oak

A woman in denial has difficulty recalling the events of a violent assault. Ambiguity. Denial. Conformity. The character of Angie represents the everyday unfortunate relationships that people can go through, told metaphorically by a woman’s conflicted account of being sexually assaulted. Too often are we silenced out of fear and conformity. And too often are […]


Writing obituaries is the least prestigious job at the paper, and Kelly is stuck there. When her boss challenges her to go deeper—to learn more about her subjects—she comes up with a plan to change everything.

Custom Order

After a painful breakup, Aaron purchases a life-size doll to serve as a replacement for the companionship he has lost. This simple solution to his relationship problem is complicated by a visit from his ex. Starring Matt McGorry (ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER), Sophie Kargman (RAMPART, THE MENTALIST), and […]